TradePlus ERP


TradePlus-ERP is Web based integrated software that manages Accounts, Manufacturing & Production, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, online Order Collection, Integrated eCommerce.
Our software is a monthly payment basis SAAS (Software as a Service) product using Oracle Apex and hosted in Cloud Environment. It has 3 geo location data backup and world class security management

Modules Components

  • Accounts
    1. Voucher entry (Dual, Multi, Floating)
    2. Batch account entry as per recursive settings
    3. Voucher List (Dual, Multi, Pending)
    4. Pending Voucher Execution
    5. Invoice wise Bill collection
    6. Unlimited level chart of accounts
    7. Client & Supplier wise ledger (Details, Summary)
    8. Ledger Report with Product
    9. Group Wise Balance
    10. Cash Flow & Day Book Report
    11. PDC (Post Dated Cheque) Management
    12. Voucher/Cheque Print
    13. Recursive setting wise auto voucher entry
    14. Project/Branch wise costing and income
    15. Profit & Loss Report (N, Project, Batch Wise)
    16. Income/Expense Statement Report
    17. Trial Balance
    18. Balance Sheet
    19. Account 360 degree BI Reports
    20. Customer & Supplier Outstanding (Due)
    21. Voucher Document Upload
    22. Budget
    23. Fund Requisition
    24. BOE-Bill of Entry
    25. Price Declaration 4.3
    26. Vat Report 6.1, 6.2, 6.2.1, 6.3
    27. Vat Report (Invoice Wise, Day Wise)
  • Sales Invoice & Billing
    1. Sales invoice by sales person
    2. Multi Sales Invoice
    3. Sale Order Management
    4. Sales Target & Achievement
    5. Salesperson performance
    6. Sales Commission
    7. Charge Report of Sales/Purchase
    8. Sales Top Sheet
    9. Product Sales Summary & Sales Summary
    10. Branch Wise Sales Summary
    11. Perodic Bill Master List & Perodic Bill Invoice Process
    12. Client auto billing account map
    13. Auto Stock Manage (decrease)
    14. Sales 360-degree report according to area, product, sales person
    15. Sales target
    16. Warranty Product Search
    17. Service Request Status Management
    18. Service Billing & Collection
    19. Warranty & Agreement
  • Production, Manufacturing & Assembling
    1. Batch wise assemble or manufacturing/Production
    2. Raw material & Finished Goods Inventory
    3. Warehouse/branch wise transfer and stock management
  • Warehouse/Shelf/Bin Management
    1. Bin wise stock in and out management
    2. Production batch wise stock in and out
    3. Product Transfer
  • Purchase/Procurement & Supply-Chain Management
    1. Purchase Invoice
    2. Demand Requisition Management
    3. Purchase Order Management
    4. Purchase Order and Stock Receive Management
    5. Material Received and Payable Bill generation
    6. Party payment schedule management
    7. Barcode wise product stock
    8. Auto Stock Manage (increase)
    9. Purchase Summary
    10. Return POS to Production
    11. Branch wise product transfer
    12. Item wise Purchase
    13. Purchase wise Profit & Loss report
    14. Stock adjustment/Opening stock
    15. Damage Product Management
  • Inventory
    1. Branch Wise Inventory
    2. Branch Wise Stock Ledger
    3. Branch Wise Product Stock
    4. Branch Transfer Requisition
    5. Branch Transfer Execution
    6. Branch Wise Current Stock
    7. Branch & Product-Inventory
    8. Inventory with Production
    9. Branch wise Stock Alert
    10. Product Wise Stock
    11. Product Demand List
    12. Promotional Offer
    13. BIN/Shelf wise Stock info
    14. Audit Stock
    15. Stock Interactive & BIN Info
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    1. Client communication records
    2. Day wise schedule Calendar
    3. Quotation management
    4. Customer Order Process management
    5. Sales target and achievement monitoring
    6. 360-degree CRM Report
  • MIS Report
    1. Accounts Summary
    2. Supplier Outstanding
    3. Client Outstanding
    4. Employee Outstanding
    5. Client Wise Collections
    6. Chart Reporting
    7. Accounts 360 Degree View
    8. Installment Details Report
    9. Sales at a Glance
    10. Sales Commission
    11. Top N Analytics
    12. Sales Collections 360 Degree View
    13. Sales Performance
    14. Sales/Free Summary Report
    15. Purchase 360 Degree View
    16. Branch Deposit & Withdraw
  • E-Commerce (
    1. Product showcase engine in website
    2. Online Order by client
    3. Online Payment by client
    4. common marketplace for showcase products to online order 24 hour basis

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Key Features:

  • GST/VAT management as per Govt. rules
  • Project or Branch wise accounts
  • Integrated with other ERP modules
  • e-Commerce integration
  • Distribution/Dealer Management
  • Online Order Collection (Client Online Access)
  • Manage sales representative and their performance
  • Dashboard for top management
  • Multi-User Sign-In
  • Email & SMS notification for accounts and invoice transaction
  • Mobile, Tab, PC based operation
  • Simplicity: easy navigation & operation
  • Interactive business analysis report generation in 360 degree report view (BI tools)
  • Summary business report snapshot emailing; like trial balance, Day book, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
  • Data is backed up in 3 locations in a cloud environment to protect business information from digesters in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.
Types of business managed by TradePlus-ERP
  • Trade Business Management: Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounts, Credit Sales, Credit Purchase, Online Order, Online Payment Collection, Branch wise Stock
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    For Customer access
    Click for Customer Demo user as client ID: 2 password: 1234
  • Service/Billing Management: This type of solution is for consultancy service, Law service, Doctor service who has only customer billing but no purchase & inventory function.
    Invoice generation, Payment collectoin, Accounts, Online Payment Collection
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  • Internet/Dish-Line Business: This type of solution is for pre-defined periodic billing and collection. Each month customers will be billed automatic. Accounts will be adjusted when customers pay the bill amount.
    Auto Bill/Invoice generation, Accounts, Online Payment Collection, Customer Profile, Customer Login, Service Token
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  • Assemble and Manufacturing: This type of solution is for purchase raw material and make finished goods and sale it.
    System manage raw material inventory, Finished goods inventory, Batch wise production profit, Sales Invoice, Accounts, Online product showcase
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  • House Rent/ Building Management: This type of solution is for manage tenant info, agreement, monthly auto billing, Collection,
    building assets, maintenance services, Accounts
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  • Distribution/Dealer Management:
    This type of solution is for manage dealer info, agreement, online order, bonas products offer, sales, payment collection. online access by dealer. Credit limit wise sales restriction.
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  • NGO/Microfinance Management:
    This type of solution is for manage member profile, deposit accounts, loan accounts.
    Payment schedules and installment collection, Member due. System can manage multi-branch in single umbrella.
    It will have online access by member. Integrated branch wise accounts, HRMS, CRM, Store is also available
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  • Co-operative Society Management:
    This type of solution is for manages member information, subscription billing and collection,
    full accounting system for manage income/expense, balance sheet. Member ledger information access from online.
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  • Warehouse/Cold Storage Management:
    This solution is to manage multi-branch cold storage. It will keep track records of each customers’ product inventory according to the shelf/bin.
    As per consumer time period system will auto generate bills for the customer. System has integrated branch wise accounts
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  • Money Exchange Management:
    This solution is to manage multi-branch easy calculation & exchange of currency. It will generate sales & purchase invoice and print receipt customers. It keeps currency note inventory
    System will auto generate profit-loss per invoice wise, integrated accounts for generate balance sheet

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  • Warehouse/Cold Storage Management:
    This solution is to manage multi-branch cold storage. It will keep track records of each customers’ product inventory according to the shelf/bin.
    As per consumer time period system will auto generate bills for the customer. System has integrated branch wise accounts
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  • Tours & Travel Management:
    This solution is to manage Tour Package Project, Earning & Costing according to tour project.
    Online booking & payment collection. Integrated accounts for manage company balance sheet.
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  • Feed/Fish/Meat Farm Business Management:
    This solution is to manage Feed process by mixing several raw materials, It manage raw & finished goods inventory
    Purchase raw items, process and generate finished goods which will sale and generate invoice to customer.
    It manage full billing and collection. System can also manage advance order & online payment collection by online portal.
    System can manage multiple branch and project and calculate branch wise profit. Integrated accounts for manage company balance sheet.
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Common Market Place:

  • and company eCommerce website is inter-connected with Cloud-TradePlus
  • Online eCommerce and integrated Backoffice (Accounts, Stock, Sales Invoice)
  • Live Chat with individual company Products
  • Online order & online payment using card & mobile banking
  • Products search, compare product quality & price of different companies according to location
  • Manage business 24 hour, when shop are closed