Agent or Partnership

Agent Or Partnership

Offer for Partners

Network is very important for business expansion, trustworthy solution delivery. We have a special offer for partners to work with us to sell our Software Services and gain sound revenue sharing. We also provide White Label SaaS Software Services offerings for partners who will rebrand and re-sale the products to their clients.

What we provide?
  • We provide white label products/solutions for partners who will rebrand and resale to their clients
  • Our all products/modules are made in Oracle Technology and hosted in Oracle Cloud environment
  • Partner will host the solution in their domain name and able to rebrand the product as per choice
  • For better result we offer revenue sharing parcentege (% will be given over email) with the partners based on performance
  • We provide the service for all the country of the world

What is white label software solutions
White label SaaS is software that a company Rebrands, Reprices, and Resells as its own software. The vendor sells unbranded software to an agency or reseller who puts their branding on it and resells it to their clients at a profit.

White Label Service Advantages 
  • Save time and money: One of the biggest advantages of white label marketing is that it saves product development time. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can go-to-market quicker because you don’t have to develop, hire, train etc, you also save on product development costs.
  • Scale your business White label SaaS allows you to easily scale your business. You can quickly add new services with minimum investment. This results in new revenue streams, and helps attract new customers.
  • Offer tailored solutions: Every client is different. As such, they have different needs and preferences. White labelling lets you offer solutions to each of your clients, where otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to.
Our Cloud Software 

Partnership Responsibility:
Parul Technology's Roles:
  • PT will Provide Cloud Software, Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Shared Server costing will bear by Parul Technology, For any dedicated server required by client will pay by client but maintain by PT
  • Source Code and support will maintain by PT
  • PT will training to partner team for make capable to product demo to prospective client
  • PT will provide all documents format such as technical, proposal document sent to client

Partner's Roles:
  • Marketing and Product sale, Demo presentation (PT will assist if required)
  • Will provide Training to clients (PT will assist if required)
  • Collect money monthly or periodic bill for the software service
  • Project, Prospect of any particular client will be record to our system, so that in future the particular Client come to our channel its commission will be payable to partner

Partnership campaigns are mutually beneficial and help both parties reach their objectives. If you are digital marketing expert & good presenter then you are valuable for us. Our team will provide all documents. To learn Products details within 2/3 days with remote online training.